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  • HouseMoney

  • What is House Money?

    This is a Semi-strict wallet that helps you save for your rent, with access to withdraw at your scheduled maturity date (Anytime in the Maturity Month).

  • How To Create Your HouseMoney?

    To create your House Money, log into your Piggyvest account, click on Savings, and select House Money. Click on 'What is your rent', input your preferred amount, and the rent due date and complete the prompts to save and create your own House Money.

  • How Can You Fund Your HouseMoney?

    To fund your House Money wallet, log into your Piggyvest app, click on savings, select HouseMoney, and then copy your account number as shown on the HouseMoney dashboard.

    Go to your banking app, initiate a transfer, and credit the copied account number with your preferred amount.

    NOTE: You can also top up your HouseMoney from your Flex Naira and Pocket Wallet.

  • What is PiggyVest

  • What is PiggyVest?

    PiggyVest helps you save and invest with ease. With PiggyVest, you can stop spending excessively and put away (and grow!) funds that you do not want to touch.

    You can choose to save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) towards a specific target OR lock away funds for a specified period of time. 

    We take away the stress by combining simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable you to manage your finances better and achieve financial freedom.

  • How do I know what plan is right for me?

    All of the savings and investment options on Piggyvest are tailored towards a particular need. 

    • If you'd like to regularly put away money for your savings and withdraw only once a quarter, then the Piggybank wallet is right for you. You can set it so that money is taken from your account and you don't have to worry about saving manually. 
    • If you're saving towards a particular goal such as rent or travel, Target Savings is a great option. You can invite friends and make it a fun challenge to smash all your financial goals. 
    • If you're looking for something geared towards the long term, The SafeLock feature is perfect for you. With higher interest rates, you could lock away funds you don't need access to and make even more money by doing so. 
    • If you're looking to get started on investments or diversify your portfolio, then pre-vetted, low-risk investment opportunities are regularly available on Investify to help you grow your money.

  • How do I start saving on PiggyVest?

    To start saving on PiggyVest:

    • Visit the website or download the app to create an account.
    • Set up your withdrawal account details; this is the bank account that funds you withdraw will get sent to.
    • Enter your debit card details to activate your account and then make your first deposit. (You may use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card from any Nigerian bank). 
    • You may now proceed to use any of the Savings Plans to start your daily, weekly or monthly savings.

  • Are there bank charges when you deduct from my account?

    No! it's completely FREE. There are no bank charges for transferring money to your PiggyVest account.

  • How much can I start with?

    You can ONLY autosave between:
    N50 - N50,000 daily,
    N800 - N200,000 weekly, 
    or N3,000 - N500,000 monthly

    However, you can always top up your savings at any time using the Quicksave option.

  • Safety & Security

  • How Secure is my Money?

    The funds in your PiggyVest Account are warehoused and managed by PV Capital Limited - RC No. 1760152  (“PV Capital”). PV Capital is a duly registered Fund/Portfolio Manager with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria, and all its operations are in compliance with applicable regulations.

    In addition, we enforce bank-grade security levels and provide you with the option to set up two-factor authentication for key transactions, as an extra layer of protection, over your PiggyVest Account.

  • How does 2FA work on Piggyvest?

    This is an added layer of security on transfers and withdrawals on your Piggyvest account. To set your security question, simply log into your dashboard and click on "Account" then select "My Account settings", click on 2FA: Enter a security question (ensure this question is unique to only you), then follow through with the required steps.

  • Does PiggyVest have an office?

    Yes! We are located at Tesmot House, 3 Abdulrahman Okene Close, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos.

    You can also reach us on the following channels:
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @PiggybankNG
    Instagram: @PiggybankNG
    Contact Number: 0700 933 933 933 or 07009339339

  • Are my card details safe?

    We work with PCIDSS-compliant payment processors - Paystack and Flutterwave, to handle your card details. 

  • Piggybank™ Savings

  • What is Piggybank

    This is a feature that helps you build financial discipline by allowing you to automatically save any amount daily, weekly or monthly. You also have an option to save manually.

  • Do I have to login every time I want to save?

    No, everything is done automatically once you have set up your Autosave, except you want to top up your savings using the QuickSave option. 

    To keep track, all transactions on your debit card will be visible on your dashboard. We will also send an email receipt to you every single time you save with your card, and your bank will send you an alert as well. It's 100% secure.

  • Can I pause and continue saving anytime?

    Yes, you can, it is up to you to pause or continue the automatic saving any time for free. Login to your account, go to your Savings and select "Turn off Autosave" from the Piggybank savings option.

  • What happens when I finally have money and I missed some days, weeks or months?

    We WON'T automatically debit your account if you missed any day, week or month and we WON'T charge you either. The QuickSave option is always available for you to manually make up for any lost day, week or month.

  • Can I increase my savings at anytime?

    Yes, you can increase the amount you're saving at any time. Simply login and click on 'Modify AutoSave', then edit the amount. You can also edit your frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • What if I don't have funds in my account or debit card?

    Simple! We will not be able to debit you for that day, week or month. We will only be able to save for you when you have funds in your debit card. However, you have the option to use the "Quick save" option once you have loaded your account.

  • What is Quick Save and how does it work?

    This option basically enables you to add more funds to your savings. For example, if you set N1,000 daily and you miss a day or two, you can use the quick save option to deposit N2,000 or N3,000 at once. This is to ensure you meet up with your savings target.

  • Investify

  • What is Investify?

    Investify is a PiggyVest feature that allows users to earn more on their savings by investing in pre-vetted, low-medium risk, primary and secondary investment opportunities.

  • What is the minimum amount I can invest with?

    Investment minimums vary by investment opportunities.

  • What is the insurance coverage on the investment?

    Insurance coverage varies by investment opportunities.

  • How can I fund my investment?

    You can fund your investment using your debit card and Flex Naira wallet.

  • How safe is my money?

    All investment opportunities listed on PiggyVest are pre-vetted for maximum safety. We carry out due diligence on all investment partners.

  • What happens to my capital in case of disasters?

    All investment options aggregated on Piggyvest Investify have been properly vetted for insurance against loss. However, PiggyVest Extra Protection can be added to your investment for maximum capital safety.

  • How is my interest paid?

    It varies on the opportunity you're choosing to invest in. Your interest could be paid daily, monthly, quarterly OR at the end of the investment period into your PiggyFlex account.

  • Is the investment taxed?

    We don't handle taxation. You, however, are liable to disclose your earnings and pay your taxes as stipulated by the government.

  • Can I liquidate my investment at anytime?

    Yes, you can. 

    However, to liquidate, you will need to trade the units you have already acquired with other existing investors or potential new investors. 

    You set the price but a platform commission exists and it varies between 1% - 3% depending on the type of investment.

  • BVN

  • Why do I have to add my BVN?

    Your BVN is required to validate your identity and kick against identity theft. This ensures another level of safety for your funds and transactions.

    It also unlocks other features like generating a flex account number in your name, which can be used for transfers directly from your banking app to your Piggyvest account.

  • What if I no longer have access to the phone number linked to my BVN?

    In a situation where you no longer have access to the phone number linked to your BVN, kindly contact your bank to update the phone number.

  • SafeLock

  • What is SafeLock?

    SafeLock is a fixed savings option that allows you to earn up to 15.5% per annum, usually paid upfront.

    Your Safelock acts as your sub-account so that you can transfer and lock funds from your Flex Naira wallet or your Debit card for at least 10 days, without access to these funds until maturity.

    The SafeLock feature is one step further towards curbing the temptation to touch funds that you have put aside to save.

  • What interest do I get on my SafeLock?

    SafeLock interests are prorated and paid for the duration you set. 

    On funds locked for:

      • 10 - 30 days, the interest is calculated at 6% per annum and prorated for the duration you set.
      • 31 - 60 days, the interest is calculated at 7% per annum and prorated accordingly
      • 61 - 90 days, the interest is calculated at 9% per annum and prorated accordingly
      • 91 - 365 days, the interest is calculated at 10% per annum and prorated accordingly.   
      • 1 - 2 years, the interest is calculated at 12.5% per annum and prorated accordingly.
      • 2 years and above, the interest is calculated at 13% per annum and prorated accordingly.

    Note: The minimum amount that may be kept in SafeLock is N1000.

  • Can I have more than one SafeLock?

    Yes, you can have more than one SafeLock; and you can give them different names (purposes) too.

    E.g. You can have a SafeLock for your Fees, Wedding; Birthday; Vacation etc.

  • Is the SafeLock different from the normal savings plan?

    Yes, your SafeLock is different from your normal savings plan. After initiating a SafeLock for a particular amount of money, your savings plan continues as normal.

    It is completely under your control. You set the pace, duration and everything else concerning your SafeLock.

  • Can I add more funds to my SafeLock?

    Yes, you can. Simply ensure the duration of the existing locked fund is above 90days. Select the particular SafeLock, click on "Top-up" and enter the amount.

    PS: You can only top up your safelock with funds from your Piggybank wallet. Your interest would be prorated and paid based on the remaining days.

  • How do I get my SafeLock paid back when time is up?

    Upon maturity, all funds that you have put in Safelock get sent to your Flex Naira wallet. 

  • How many Safelock can I have?

    You can have as many Safelocks as possible!

  • Can my SafeLock be unlocked before maturity?

    No, funds can only be accessed upon maturity. 

    In cases where you may want to close your account completely, you'll have to wait until funds mature from your SafeLock before you can liquidate.

  • What's the maximum amount I can have in a Safelock?

    There is NO limit to the amount you can have in a safelock.

    However, the maximum amount you can have per Safelock is #100m

  • Target Savings

  • What is Target Savings?

    With Target Savings, you are able to save consistently towards a particular financial goal. You can create a personal target or a Group savings challenge with multiple users.

    Save for your rent, vacation, a new gadget, and even towards starting your new business with Target savings, and earn more money while at it!

  • How do I activate/create a Target Savings

    Log in to your dashboard and click on the 'Savings' then select the Target option.

    Click on the '+' option on the bottom right of the page and then select your preferred Target from Personal, Public Group or Private Group.

    Input what you wish to save for, select the category, input the amount and fill all required fields to activate it.

  • Can I break my Target Savings at anytime?

    Yes, you can.

    Simply log into your dashboard and select the 'Target Savings' option on your dashboard. Click on 'Ongoing Targets' and then select the target you would like to end and select 'Break'.

    Funds will then be sent to your Flex wallet, and you will be able to access these funds.

    However, if you break these funds before the maturity date, you will lose your accrued interest and also be charged a 1% processing fee. If you do not achieve the target amount by the maturity date, you will only lose your accrued interest.

    P.S: You cannot break a locked target. Funds can only be accessed at the maturity date. In cases where you may want to close your account completely, you'll have to wait until your target matures.

  • Interests

  • Do I get interest on PiggyVest?


    1. 14% per annum on Piggybank
    2. Up to 17% per annum on SafeLock
    3. 12% per annum on Target 
    4. 12% per annum on Flex Naira
    5. 7% per annum on Flex Dollar
    6. 12% per annum on HouseMoney
    7. Up to 30% per annum on Investify

    Kindly note that interest rates are subject to change at any time based on market conditions.

  • How are my interests paid?

    • Core Savings (Piggybank)- Interest is accrued daily on your balance, and paid monthly (available from the 1st of every month).
    • Flex Naira- Interest is accrued daily, reflects on your Flex dashboard, and is paid on the first day of a new month.
    • SafeLock- Interest is paid upfront into your Flex account and you can access it immediately for free.
    • Target Savings- Interest is accrued daily, reflects on your target dashboard, and is paid at the end of your target.

  • What if I don't want interest?

    Users who do not want to earn interest on their savings can disable it. 

    To do this, simply log into your account, go to Account, and toggle the Interest Enable on Savings (Riba) button.

  • How is PiggyVest able to afford higher returns?

    Our operational costs are relatively low - we do not operate multiple branches or hire a lot of staff to manage operations. We are also able to negotiate premium rates due to volumes. 

  • Flex Naira

  • What is Flex Naira?

    A Flex Naira account is a flexible savings wallet where interests earned on all other PiggyVest wallets are paid. 

    You earn an interest of 8% per annum on funds in your flex account but this is subject to a maximum of 4 withdrawals in a month.

    If you withdraw more than 4 times a month from your Flex account, you lose all your accrued interest on your Flex savings for that month.

    Additionally, you can fund your Piggybank, Target, Safelock, Flex Dollar or Investify using funds in your Flex.

    On your free withdrawal days, you can also withdraw from your PiggyBank savings to your Flex Account.

    Note: You can ONLY withdraw once every 10hours from your Flex account.

  • Can I withdraw from my Flex Naira account?

    Yes! you can! And it's absolutely FREE.

    However, you can withdraw once every 10hours. This is for security reasons and to also encourage financial discipline to Piggyvest users.

  • Can I transfer from my Flex Naira account to my Piggybank (core savings)?

    Yes, you can! Simply click on "Quick Save", input your preferred amount, and select Use Flex Naira as a source of funding.

  • What is my Flex Account Number?

    Your Flex account number is a dedicated NUBAN through which you can fund your PiggyVest account. This number is visible under the Flex Wallet option on your dashboard.

    To make use of this account number: initiate a regular bank transfer and enter your Flex account number, select the bank name(Sterling, Wema, Access e.t.c.) as shown in your Flex Naira dashboard, and proceed to make your transfer.

    Funds transferred will be credited to your Flex Naira wallet.

  • How do I fund my Flex Naira account?

    To fund your Flex account, simply link your BVN to your Piggyvest to get your unique Flex account number. Once this is done, log into your banking app, input this account number in the required field, and select the stated bank as reflected on your Flex dashboard in the recipient bank field. 

    Follow through with the required steps for funds to be transferred from your bank account to your Flex Naira wallet.

  • Flex Dollar

  • What is Flex Dollar?

    Flex Dollar is a feature that lets you save, invest and transfer funds in Dollars. 

  • How can I fund my Flex Dollar account?

    You can fund your Flex Dollar account from your Flex Naira wallet or your Naira debit card.

    All you need to do is input the amount you'd like to purchase in Dollars, then select a funding source and complete the transaction. 

    NOTE: Should you fund your Flex Dollar wallet from a dollar card, this will be charged at your bank exchange rate, as Piggyvest does not charge in dollars but in Naira. 

  • What's the minimum amount I can start with?

    You can fund your Flex Dollar account with as little as $1.

  • Do I get Interest on my dollar savings?

    Yes! You get up to 7% per annum on your PiggyVest Flex Dollar account.

    Interest rates are determined by the market behaviour at any given time.

  • How do I withdraw from my Flex Dollar account?

    You can withdraw in Naira or Dollars. Withdrawing in Naira will be at the stated parallel market buy rate and funds will be sent to your Flex Naira wallet. When withdrawing in Dollars, the funds are sent to your Dollar-denominated domiciliary bank account.

  • Are there charges for withdrawing on my Flex Dollar account?

    There are no charges for withdrawing into your Naira account from your Flex Dollar account.
    However, payments into domiciliary accounts attract charges which are stated on the platform. 

  • How is interest calculated?

    Interest on your Flex Dollar is accrued daily but paid monthly. You get up to 7% per annum on the funds in your Flex Dollar wallet.

    Interest is also compounded monthly.

  • Where are the dollar funds domiciled?

    Flex Dollar funds are invested in a selection of high-quality dollar fixed-term investments with asset managers regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Eurobonds.

    These investment products focus on capital preservation while providing income and asset class diversification.

  • Can I save with an international card?

    No, not for now. 

  • Withdrawals

  • How Do I Withdraw my Savings?

    There are two(2) wallets you can withdraw from Piggyvest; your Piggybank wallet and your Flex wallet. 

    To withdraw click on the preferred wallet, select 'withdraw' and follow the prompt to complete the process.

    Note: Withdrawals above 3 million Naira takes 3 working hours (Monday - Friday) to be credited to your Pocket or bank account

  • How Does Piggybank Withdrawals Work?

    You can withdraw for FREE only on set free withdrawal dates on your Piggybank wallet. 

    You can set your own FREE withdrawal dates OR make use of the PiggyVest quarterly fixed FREE withdrawal dates.

    After the request has been made, funds will be sent to your bank account, Pocket account, or to your Flex Naira account instantly. However, withdrawals above 3m take 3 working hours(Mon-Fri) to be processed. 

    PS: If you decide to set your own FREE withdrawal date, the next available FREE date will be exactly 3 months (90 days) from your last free withdrawal day.

  • What Are Piggybank's Free Withdrawal Dates?

    The Piggybank FREE withdrawal days are:

    • 31st March
    • 30th June
    • 30th September
    • 31st December

  • What if I withdraw outside the free withdrawal dates?

    Withdrawals made outside the free Withdrawal dates attract a 3.5% penalty fee of the withdrawal amount.

  • Can I choose any amount to withdraw per time?

    Yes, you can!

    Simply log into your account and click on the withdraw option, then input the amount you want to withdraw.

    PS: The minimum amount that can be accessed from your Piggybank and Flex Naira wallets is N3000 and N2000 respectively. 

  • How Does Flex Withdrawals Work?

    You can withdraw for free at any time from your Flex wallet to your bank account or Pocket account. 

    Simply click on 'withdraw' from the Flex wallet, input the necessary details and funds will be sent to your selected account in minutes.  

    However, withdrawals of 3m and above take 3 working hours(Mon-Fri) to be processed.

    Note: You can only initiate one withdrawal every 10 hours.

  • Can I Withdraw to Any Bank Account?

    No, you can't! 

    You can only withdraw to your bank account. This has to be the same name as your Piggyvest account name.

  • What is the minimum/maximum amount I can withdraw?

    The minimum amount you can withdraw from your Piggybank is N3000 and there is NO maximum. You can withdraw all of your funds whenever, but the fixed free withdrawal dates still apply.

    Note: You can ONLY withdraw once in 24 hours.

  • Do transfers from Piggybank to flex count as a withdrawal?

    Yes, transfers from your Piggybank wallet to your Flex Naira account counts as a withdrawal.

  • Piggy Points

  • What are Piggy Points?

    PiggyPoints is a way of rewarding our users for saving consistently. The more you save in your Piggybank and Target (using either Autosave or Quicksave or Quicktop), the more you earn. 

    You start to earn points when you save at least N2,000 from your debit card to your Piggybank or Target once every 10hours.

    Note: For Target savings, you only earn points if the duration of the target is above 90days.

  • How to Earn Points on Withdrawals

    You receive points on your first 3 withdrawals from your Piggyvest to your Pocket account.

    You earn 1 point if you transfer at least N2,000-N9,999 

    10 points if you transfer at least N10,000 - N49,999

    20 points if you transfer N50,000 - N100,000

    30 points if you transfer N100,000 and above.

    Note: This is subject to your first 3 withdrawals only!

  • How to earn Piggy Points on Deposit

    This is our way of rewarding you for saving consistently.

    N2000 - N4999 = 1 point
    N5000 - N9999 = 2 points
    N10000 - N49999 = 10 points
    N50000 - N99999 = 25 points
    N100000 and above = 55 points

    Note: Piggyvest has the right to withdraw these points at any given time once a security flag is raised on your account. 

  • What can I use my Piggy Points for?

    You can convert your Piggy Points to cash in your Flex Naira account.

    1 Piggy Point = N10.

  • Referral Program (Stories)

  • More Questions?

  • More Questions?

    You can reach out to us via our [email protected] or call 0700 933 933 933 (Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm), we’ll be glad to hear from you.

    You can choose to only save between;
    ₦50 - ₦50,000 daily,
    ₦800 - ₦200,000 weekly,
    or ₦3,000 - ₦2,000,000 monthly
    with PiggyVest
    Start Saving Today