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The BookMarket ( is a dynamic bookstore tailored to provide viable solutions on educational materials and supplies; we provide value-added services that are inspired by our core values of literacy advocacy and education. We are building the largest community of readers in Africa by providing a platform that makes reading a lifestyle.

Driven by a vision to raise the next generation of African leaders and readers, we firmly understand that developing and maintaining a reading habit is crucial to attaining this goal.
To achieve this we have kickstarted the SARTS (SAVE AND READ TARGET SAVINGS) initiative via the Target Savings Option on the Piggybank Option.
This is to encourage readers to save towards a reading goal that would enable them to purchase books at the end of the stipulated period.

You can now buy the books you desire and pay in instalments for a certain period.

You should not struggle to fund your reading habits, we want you to thrive as we strive to provide the best book shopping experience on the internet.

Check out all the brownie points :

Maintain a savings habit to fund your reading lifestyle and get interest on it.
Build a sustainable reading lifestyle.
Get your books conveniently and at the best prices.
Connect with a community of readers.
This is our gift to you:

Financial intelligence , Financial budgeting and Financial planning to ensure you have got your goals on lockdown.

What else could you be looking for?

Join our vibrant community on Piggybank Target Savings.
Started by Enita
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This is a savings challenge to save ₦30,000 each by “30th of June 2021 (in 0 days)”. You earn 9% interest per annum, paid daily.

When you reach the target of ₦30,000 on “30th of June 2021”, funds will be sent to the merchant. If you don't reach the goal funds will be sent back to your Piggybank wallet.

ENITA RECEIVES ALL FUNDS. Your contributions/payments are sent to ENITA on the end date.
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