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Join our 365 days savings challenge on PiggyVest to buy a commercial property for rental income in Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan!

Save N6, 000 per Week and be on your way to becoming a real estate investor!

- Open a piggyvest account if you don't have one already
- Search for "Propcorp N6k PER WEEK SAVINGS CHALLENGE"
- Begin your savings

At the end of the challenge, total amount raised will be used to purchase and furnish rental properties like boutique hotel, airbnb apartments etc as agreed on by everyone on the Member-Only Telegram group. Legal and management structure drawn up on our Telegram Group.
You can join in anytime within the year. The target is to save N312,000 by 7th January, 2022.
Join Now To Begin 2021 With A Difference.
Started by Unenwojo
₦18,000 saved by 1 member
This is a savings challenge to save ₦312,000 each by “07th of January 2022 (in 347 days)”. You earn 8% interest per annum, paid daily.

If you break this target before the 07th of January 2022 (withdrawal date), you will lose all the interest accrued and bear the 1% payment gateway charge for processing your deposits into this target.

YOU COLLECT YOUR MONEY. No one has access to your deposits, but you alone.
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